Relax en rejuvenate with our spa treatments


Our therapists can offer you several restoring and smoothing treatments. An affordable way to further enrich your holiday experience.  We can offer you the following treatments.


Relaxing Massage, 1 hour, IDR 180.000                                                                  

Massage with soft pressure Balinese massage technique come together to stimulate circulation, ease tensions & release stress. Essential oils with a choice of – Ylang Ylang, Orange or Citrus – ensure complete relaxation.
The body and mind feel truly calm: sleep can come more easily.


Bali Massage, 1 hour,  IDR. 180.000

Experience the naturally intuitive touch of our Balinese therapists. Traditional massage from Bali passed on from generation to generation with medium pressure. Massage combines palm and thumb pressures to reduce tensions, fatigues, improve lymphatic and muscular system. This massage helps to improve blood flow and ease stress.


Re-energizing Massage, 1 hour, IDR.  200.000

Massage with strong pressure to relief your muscles tension.  The focus is to reduce deep–rooted muscle tension, which then relieves mental fatigue. Awaken your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being.


Healing Massage, between 1 and 2 hours,  IDR. 200.000 - IDR. 300.000

Sri is a local healer often consulted by the local people to treat their problems. She can sense what is wrong with you and focuses on the problem. She does not speak English, but a staff member can communicate with her for you. She uses traditional Balinese massage with acupressure technique and strong pressure.


Foot Massage, 1 hour, IDR. 150.000

Special massage on your feet with medium pressure and acupressure techniques. A natural healing art, applying pressure to points on the feet can affect related areas elsewhere in the body. This massage can help circulation, improve immune function and energy levels.


Back Massage, 30 minutes, IDR. 85.000

30 minutes massage with the focus on your neck and back with medium pressure to relief your muscles tension. 


Leg Massage, 30 minutes, IDR. 85.000

Medium pressure massage with the focus on your on your legs. A combination is used between traditional massage and acupressure techniques


Sun Treatment Package 1,5 hours, IDR. 270.000

It is ideal for cooling, soothing and rejuvenating sun damaged skin. After a foot bath you receive a 40 minutes body massage with soft pressure, followed by a tropical body wrap made from natural fruit gently cleanse your skin as it exfoliates. Lastly your skin is treated with an Aloe Vera Body wrap to leave you in relaxing mood, with smooth and healthy skin.


Beauty Package, 2-2,5 hours, IDR. 330.000 Aroma Beauty / IDR 350.000 Natural Beauty

After a Foot bath, you receive an hour relaxing massage to harmonize your senses. Followed by a body scrub and a body mask with fresh ingredients or aroma therapy. An aromatic flower bath with salt crystals completes the experience.


Manicure, IDR. 150.000

Enjoy your complete manicure, including a massage of forearm and hands. Including nail polish.


Pedicure, IDR. 175.000

Soaking away tired feet before enjoying cuticle treatment followed by gentle foot massage, including nail polish


Natural facial, IDR. 175.000

Our facial massage provides relaxation, drainage and activation of the skin’s metabolism. We use natural ingredients to clean and moisture the skin.