A wonderful climate, all year


The average daily temperature is 29 C (84 F) and the water temperature is around 28 C (82 F). Along the coast there is always a nice cool breeze. The dry season lasts from April to October and the rainy season from the end of November to March.

Best Rainy Season Destination in Bali

Sumberkima has less rainfall then other parts in Bali. Even during the rainy season it seldom rains continuously. It is more common to have some showers in the morning or evening and then the clouds break. Sumberkima is less humid then other parts and the air is more pleasant. This makes it one of the best locations in Bali to visit in the rainy season.

Best Travel Period to Sumberkima

In fact there is no "bad" period to visit Sumberkima. During the dry season there is (very) little rain, and during the rainy season the days are  warm and sunny too, but you should take into account that rain is more likely then. During the rainy season the landscape is very lush and green.