The Sumberkima area is one of the places from where Hinduism spread through Bali. You will find some of the oldest and most important temples here like the Pulaki and Melanting temple. But also smaller temples at spectacular locations in the jungle or on the hills. Here you can experience the way the Balinese celebrate their culture and religion away from the tourist crowds. Especially at night the ceremonies at the temples are wonderful and the Balinese people welcome you to participate.

At selected evenings we organize performances by the local dance group. You can also be invited to one of the many ceremonies at peoples homes and participate in a wedding, a 3 months celebration of a new baby, a tooth filing or cremation. The religious calendar of Bali is extensive and you can select dates to experience events like Galungan, Ogoh Ogoh and Nyepi day.

Ask for our guest information book to read about the different temples in the area.