an ecological marvel

Bali Barat National Park

Barat National Park is an ecological marvel – a mountainous stretch with primary monsoon forest, mangrove forest, lowland rainforest, savannah, sea grass vegetation, coral reefs and so much more! Famous for its birds, the park boasts of 120 species of birds, several of which are endemic to the region. The park is only accessible with a guide, and if you tell us in advance, we can try our best to arrange an adventure with the best birdwatching guide in the park just for you. You can visit the breeding programs for endangered birds, learn more about flight and nesting habits and admire these glorious creatures in their natural habitat.

We also offer guided walks in the hills around Sumberkima. These excursions into the wild is made all the more exciting by the fact that you are personally guided by the Banjar Chief: Kadek Wiran. This hike allows you to plunge into the stunning back country of the village of Sumberkima at a pace that is comfortable for you – you can choose what difficulty level and duration you are comfortable with. The trek takes you all the way up the hill just behind Sumberkima Hill and down again through the jungle towards an old temple. On the way, you will meet several villagers collecting grass for their cattle and working on their fields. They will greet you with smiles and waves and a whole lot of excitement as it is quite rare for tourists to venture so deep into the jungle. The proceeds from this trip go towards reforesting the hill.


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