Villas with a
minimalist design

The art of getting more from less

Minimalism is important to us as it reinforces our belief in the abundance of nature and the present moment. We have designed some of our villas along these lines, to open up spaces and give you more breathing room. Connect with yourself as well as nature!

Villa Bali Mynah

2 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Sunrise view | Sea view

Villa Bali Mynah is a 2 bedroom villa with an open living room and a round pool as well as a top floor gazebo and large terrace with stunning views. It has bunk beds and a unique flowing design for those with a taste for architecture.

Villa Arun

2 bedrooms | 2-4 people | Sea view | Sunrise view

Villa Arun overlooks the bay as well as the lush valleys and is a delightful sunrise spot. The rooftop has a garden as well as a gazebo. There are outdoor bathrooms where you can shower under an umbrella of frangipani trees! It can be rented along with Anak Arun, a smaller one bedroom villa on the other side of the pool.

Villa Felix & Luna

1 bedroom | 2 people | Volcano & sea view | Sunset view | Shared pool

Villas Felix and Luna are minimalist style one bedroom villas with stunning views overlooking the sea and the Barat National Park as well as a sunset view behind the volcanoes of Java.  There are unique design elements such as an extra large  floating bed and adjustable mood lighting.

Villa Cinta

1 bedroom | 2-4 people | Volcano & sea view | Sunrise & sunset view

Villa Cinta, which means ‘love’ in Indonesian, is the ideal spot for a family with young ones. The master bedroom is connected to a small room with a bunk bed. There is a breezy lounge upstairs for game nights!

Villa Bidadari

3 bedrooms | 2-8 people | Sea view | Sunrise view

Villa Bidadari has 3 bedrooms, making it ideal for a large family or a group of friends. Enjoy gazing at the stars from the garden or curling up with your loved ones in the open lounge or rooftop gazebo, bonding and making merry as the dreamy vista around you changes colour.

Villa Murai

1 bedroom | 2 people | Volcano & Sea view | Sunset view

Villa Murai is located at the edge of Barat National Park overlooking the Bali Sea with views of Menjangan Island and the five volcanoes of Java. The bedroom is spacious with a king size bed, seemingly hovering in mid-air and the bathroom contains an iconic bath for two that catches the sunset.

Villa Uma

2 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Sunrise & sunset view | Volcano & sea view

The sea view at Villa Uma is spectacular and the sunrise behind the volcanoes of Java from the gazebo on the top defies all expectations. Located close to the restaurant and spa, this 2 bedroom villa with a private pool and outdoor showers is a dream come true.

Villa El Nido

2 bedrooms | 2-4 people | Volcano & sea view | Sunset view

Villa El Nido, which means nest will be a cosy getaway. Located at the edge of the Barat National Park, with the sea and valleys gleaming in the distance, you really do feel like a bird in a nest as you gaze fondly at the majesty around you!

The two Bajas

1 bedroom | 1-2 people | Sunset view | Volcano & sea view | Shared pool

This volcano-view villa honours the alchemy of duality. Uniting nature’s magic with human skills, it is built from steel and bamboo. The glass exteriors give it an open feeling so that the outdoors can find their way in! The airy lounge and kitchen stand atop the bedroom and bathroom and overlook the communal Lingga pool.

Villa Anak Arun

1 bedroom | 2 people | Garden view | Shared pool

Villa Anak Arun is a peaceful one bedroom villa for those who like minimalist design. Every corner of this one bedroom villa has been designed to create an inspiring atmosphere and sweep you off your feet!

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