Villas with traditional design

Authentic Indonesian living

We consider it important to build our villas in a way that honours the many styles of Indonesian architecture. We use wood and bamboo, apply the principles of space and connectivity to nature and reveal vistas of Balinese beauty all around!

The Kesambis

1 bedroom | 2 people | Volcano & sea view | Sunrise & sunset view

The four Kesambi villas are a blend of traditional Indonesian styles of architecture with modern elements of comfort. The views in every direction are breathtaking, with either sunrise or sunset at your behest. There are two shared pools for you to use on either side of the hill.


1 bedroom | 2 people | Sea view | Sunrise view

Basuki is a romantic, wooden house built in the traditional Javanese style, ideal for a couple who desires to get lost in each other’s company. With a gorgeous old verandah overlooking the rolling hills and the tranquil sea and a gazebo in the garden, you will be transformed by the magic of nature’s beauty.

Sandat Joglo

2 bedrooms | 2-4 people | Volcano view | Sunset view

Sandat Joglo espouses our core value: to build in harmony with nature as well as native culture. Every piece of it contains a slice of history. The open terrace and dining area are a great place to dine and frolic with your family.

Cempaka Joglo

1 bedroom | 3 people | Volcano view | Sunset view

Cempaka Joglo has a single bedroom with a madura bed that can sleep three, and a sunset view that promises a connecting experience. Every piece of it contains a slice of history, and the gazebo with its sprawling views ensures that nature is at your fingertips!

Kemuning Joglo

1 bedroom | 2 people | Volcano view | Sunset view

Kemuning Joglo has one bedroom as well as a kitchen, which means you can be entirely independent during your stay. Every piece of it contains a slice of history, and the open terrace and dining area with its sprawling sunset views ensure that nature is at your fingertips!

Villa Singa

5 bedrooms | 2-11 people | Sunrise view | Sea view

Villa Singa is surrounded by rolling hills and majestic sea views. It has the biggest private pool on the hill as well as 5 bedrooms, making it a lush spot for a gathering. You can soak in nature’s bounty from your hammocks, beds, lounges or the poolside and feel the pull of the magic!

Villa Madoe

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Sea view | Sunrise view

Villa Madoe, which means honey, has a spectacular private garden and an impressive infinity pool. There are also cosy lounges, a gazebo and a terrace that connects to the garden, creating perfect spots to unwind with your partner, as well as a room with bunk beds which is great for those with kids in tow.

Villa Loulaki

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Volcano & Sea view | Sunset view

With breathless views of Menjangan Island, Barat National Park and the volcanoes of Java all around you, Villa Loulaki will take you closer to nature than ever before! The 3 bedroom villa has a tropical garden, a large open lounge and a beautifully laid out kitchen as well as an infinity pool. It is a truly special spot for sunsets.

Villa Jahe

2 bedrooms | 2-4 people | Sea view | Sunrise view

Villa Jahe, named after the ginger root, has lustrous sunrise views that will fill your heart. With two bedrooms, a large open lounge with a kitchen, a private pool that faces the ocean and a gazebo, you have many opportunities to connect with nature and your loved ones all at once!

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