Soul altering adventures

at Sumberkima Hill

Immerse in slow and authentic experiences

Dive into a world of adventure and discovery. Deepen your practice in our yoga shala, learn about the story of the land through the ecology as well as the legends of the temples. Hike through the hills and soak in the sunsets, snorkel through our underwater art gallery and dance with corals. Get inspired and fill your heart with Sumberkima’s magic!

Diving & snorkeling

Become a fish in the sea with our divemasters in our pristine bay

Our underwater art gallery makes diving and snorkelling an even more thrilling experience. See what it feels like to become a fish for a day!   

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Rejuvenate with a view of the valley, sea and mountains all around you

With the panorama of the ocean and the valley, you can sink into a slow, deep yoga practice that brings you closer to nature and to yourself.

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Experience self-love at its finest and give yourself the care you deserve

From flower baths to healing massages, aloe scrubs to hot stone treatments – you deserve to be pampered!                                 

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Kayak & boat trips

Answer the call of the ocean and dive deep into adventure

Discover the clear blue waters of the bay, paddle to the white sand island, take a trip through the mangroves and catch the sunset of your dreams.

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Dining at sea

Absorb the magic of the white sand island and let the bliss of the sea restore you

Gili Putih is famous for its sunsets – why not enjoy a bbq there or paddle over to the floating platform where we will serve you the fresh catch of the day!         

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Give back to our community and help them preserve their natural systems

Our local team has been working for years to restore the reef and regreen the hills – you can plant a baby coral or tree and join the mission.

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Go into the wild with an open mind and allow yourself to be surprised

Let your feet take you places you have never been before – the rustic backcountry, the jungles, the mountains, the gardens and into the wilderness.

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Organic farm

Enjoy simple, clean food that comes from the earth

We grow our own fruit, veggies and greens as much as we can. The principles of organic farming guide us as we strive to bring you food that is simple, honest and clean. You are most welcome to take a walk through our organic farm.

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Sumberkima Stage

Take a seat in our panoramic amphitheatre where Mother Nature is part of the jam

From local dance performances to your own unique love celebration ceremony, our amphitheatre will be the host of the most dreamlike experiences. Let yourself be wowed.

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Communal pools

Enjoy the most scenic swim of your life

It’s not everyday that you get to dip into a pool at the edge of the world. Our communal pools overlook coconut groves below and volcanoes above. You could spend days transfixed by the beauty around you. 

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Temples & culture

Listen to the tales of the temples that are scattered all around the region

Learn about the tales of the temples, the local legends, the energy vortex, participate in ceremonies and glimpse the rich culture of our community    

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