Hiking in the hills

take in the rich landscape of Sumberkima

Stories from the jungle

Barat National Park is full of magic, whether you explore it on land or on sea. The snorkelling and diving around Menjangan Island is truly special and bird-watching in the park during the dry season is incredible. 


Into the wild

We have created trails all over the rolling hills that expose you to jungly thickets, sweeping sunrise and sunset  views of the bay, open shrubland and more! You can take a walk through the village, you can observe the nuances of the daily lives of locals, from how they gather firewood to what games the children play. Along the way, you can take in the rich landscape of Sumberkima.


Meet the birds
and the bees

The park is only accessible with a guide, and if you tell us in advance, we arrange an adventure with the best bird watching guide in the park for you. You can visit the breeding programs for endangered birds, learn more about flight and nesting habits and admire these glorious creatures in their natural habitat.

Plant a tree on the hill

The rains colour our hills green, but the only way to keep them this way through the dry season is to grow our tree cover. By sponsoring a tree, you can help our local team live off the land in the green oasis that they grew up with.

Sponsor a tree


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