Temples & ceremonies

the other side of Bali

Embrace the Balinese
way of life

North West Bali is the heartland of Hindu Bali – it is from here that the religion spread across the island. This ancient way of life ties our community together in the hold of tradition. To truly understand Bali, you have to connect with what is most important to the Balinese – their religion and way of life.


Tales from the temples

Our region has much to offer in terms of cultural wonders: the temples of Bali are ancient, intricate and splendid. We can organise temple visits for you, taking you from jungles to hillsides and even combine it with visits to the local vineyards.


Ceremonies from the moon calendar

The Balinese calendar is full of ceremonies that you can attend with our community – a new birth, a tooth filing ritual, a cremation and so much more! We can even organise a purification ceremony with one of the priests for you.


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