We care about bali


At Sumberkima Hill Retreat, we uphold the principles of sustainability, conducting our business with people, planet and profit in mind. Our villas are privately owned by individuals from all around the world, all of whom have one thing in common: a deep love for this pristine corner of Bali. With that love comes a sense of preservation and protection far into the future. We do our best to grow in harmony with the environment and the community that lives here and works with us.

Rather than claiming to be an eco-resort, we devote ourselves to respect and regeneration. We have set up a reforestation project to regreen the hills in a bid to stop the forest fires of the dry season from damaging the ecology. We have also set up Metamorfosa, a reef restoration project in the bay that has unique features like an underwater art gallery and a wish tree! We have also started English classes in the village to make the larger world more accessible for the children. Our concern is not limited to our villas alone but extends to all of Sumberkima – the bay, the reef, the mountains and the people we share this paradise with.

Help nature grow


Metamorfosa is a locally run project that is restoring the reef and reforesting the hills in Sumberkima. We work together with the villagers to help them shift towards more sustainable livelihoods like sea farming and ecotourism so that the ecological balance can be maintained and a steady income can be generated. Supported by scientists and experts, Metamorfosa aims to be a pilot project for the rest of Indonesia.

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