Villas with indoor AC lounge

Sumberkima Hill: home to digital nomads

Villa Anak Arun

1 bedroom | 2 people | Garden view

Villa Anak Arun is a peaceful one bedroom villa for those who like minimalist design. Every corner of this one bedroom villa has been designed to create an inspiring atmosphere and sweep you off your feet!

The three Asmara Villas

1 bedroom | 1-2 people | Sunrise & sunset view | Volcano & sea view | Private pool

The three Asmara villas are a popular stay amongst honeymooners. Each of these one bedroom villas has an infinity pool as well as sweeping panoramas of the sunrise on the sea on one side and sunset behind the volcanoes of Java on the other. The name Asmara even means romance!

The Madya lofts

1 or 2 bedrooms | 2-4 people | Volcano & sea view | Sunset view

The Madya Lofts are 5 comfortable apartments with 3 floors in the central part of the Sumberkima Hill retreat. The 30m wide Infinity Pool and Jacuzzi with views towards the volcanoes on Java are in front of your terrace. All lofts have an air-conditioned lounge and kitchen/dining area. On the 3rd floor you will find  a roof terrace with an eagles nest like spectacular 360 view and a cool breeze.

Villa Nandini

2 bedrooms | 2-5 people | Volcano view | Sunset view

Villa Nandini is a two bedroom wonder with views of the sunset over the volcanoes of Java. The private pool is nestled away in greenery and has loungers and a swing bed next to it. There is also an indoor lounge with a cosy couch that is perfect for movie nights!

Villa Julielele

2 bedrooms | 2-4 people | Volcano view | Sunset view

Named after the loved ones of the owner, this 2 bedroom villa is the perfect place to come together with your family and renew your connection. With large single beds  in one of the rooms and a peaceful terrace for game night, this is the place to be!

Villa Naga

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Volcano view | Sunset view

Villa Naga is a grand, 3 bedroom palace overlooking the volcanoes of Java and the Barat National Park. The infinity pool comes with loungers that make for the best sunset spots. There is a large veranda below the villa with a swing bed.

Villa Gajah

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Volcano view | Sunset view

Villa Gajah is a surreal oasis of tranquility in the midst of frangipani trees and a vibrant hillscape. There is also a garden blooming under the pool. This 3 bedroom villa which can host up to 6 people is ideal for the leisure loving group, whose main goal is to unwind, connect with nature and bask in the glow of each other’s company.

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