Giving back

protect the coast, the hill and the community

Give back to our community

We initiated a locally run NGO, Metamorfosa, that has been working hard since 2017 to restore the coral reef in the bay and regreen the hill. Their work has been recognised by the government as well as the village folk, all of who volunteer and contribute in any way they can. Your support would mean so much to them.


Sponsor a baby coral

The coral reef in the bay protects the coastline from storm surges and provides homes to little fish. Our crew has been restoring this damaged reef to its glory so that the village can benefit from it in the long run – sponsor a baby coral and help our community!

Plant a tree

The rains colour our hills green, but the only way to keep them this way through the dry season is to grow our tree cover. By sponsoring a tree, you can help our local team live off the land in the green oasis that they grew up with.


Offset your carbon footprint

It is impossible to live in society with zero carbon consumption, but it is possible to offset your footprint by planting trees and corals that capture the carbon. Our Patreon page allows you to be a monthly donor so that you can offset the emissions from electricity, supermarket plastics, new clothes and more!

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