The Villas

at Sumberkima Hill, Bali

Your home on the hill

Our villas are designed as homes first, homes where you can be comfortable, inspired and connected with nature. We honor tradition and integrate it with modern design. Each villa is unique and captures the best of the view so you can truly immerse in paradise! All villas have a base rate for 2 people, so it can be interesting for couples or smaller families to also check out the larger villas.

Through our booking engine, you can find a villa that matches your preferences by using the filter system (click “more filters” at the top left)

Mangroove Bay Hostel

dorm rooms & private rooms in Sumberkima Bay

Located in Sumberkima Bay, between the mountains, a mangrove forest and the Bali Sea, we have built a hostel that offers luxurious services and immersive experiences to the budget traveller.

Get inspired

Our food philosophy

We serve pure, honest and healthy food

Let your feet take you places

Go on soul altering adventures around the hill

Welcome to our bountiful haven

Host your yoga retreat at Sumberkima Hill