3 bedroom villas

with private pool

Whether it’s a large family holiday, a big reunion with your friends or a work retreat, we have a range of villas for groups that will fulfill your needs and ensure you have the most enriching time in the most enthralling place!

Villa Shanti

3 bedrooms | 2-7 people | Sea view | Sunrise view

Villa Shanti is a 3 bedroom villa suitable for 7 people with 3  ensuite bathrooms, an open lounge and terrace with an infinity pool pool in the shape of a half-moon. A perfect spot to unwind with your family or group of friends Enjoy the moving reflections of glorious sunrises in the pool as well as the calm blue waters of the sea as it sparkles in the distance. 

Villa Gajah

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Volcano view | Sunset view

Villa Gajah is a surreal oasis of tranquility in the midst of frangipani trees and a vibrant hillscape. There is also a garden blooming under the pool. This 3 bedroom villa which can host up to 6 people is ideal for the leisure loving group, whose main goal is to unwind, connect with nature and bask in the glow of each other’s company.

Villa Kurma

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Volcano & sea view | Sunrise & sunset view

Villa Kurma is a slice of heaven. The expansive, private pool overlooks the Bali Sea and the nearby valley so that every dip in the water is an experience that brings you closer to nature. The rooftop gazebo is the perfect place to enjoy the soft sunrise view or the spectacular sunset behind the Java volcanoes.

Villa Naga

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Volcano view | Sunset view

Villa Naga is a grand, 3 bedroom palace overlooking the volcanoes of Java and the Barat National Park. The infinity pool comes with loungers that make for the best sunset spots. There is a large veranda below the villa with a swing bed.

Villa Lana

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Sea view | Sunrise view

Villa Lana is a 2 story villa, named after the owner’s daughter. This 3 bedroom villa is perfect for family gatherings and get-togethers. There is an interconnected room for kids, and two of the rooms have double beds. The lounge and kitchen area are spacious, with a sublime view.

Villa Barong

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Sea view | Sunrise view

Villa Barong is a magnificent amalgamation of breathless nature and rustic architecture. With three bedrooms to share amongst six people, the stay here can be enjoyed by a large group. Combining modern luxuries with traditional architecture, Villa Barong is an aesthetic wonder.

Villa Loulaki

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Volcano & Sea view | Sunset view

With breathless views of Menjangan Island, Barat National Park and the volcanoes of Java all around you, Villa Loulaki will take you closer to nature than ever before! The 3 bedroom villa has a tropical garden, a large open lounge and a beautifully laid out kitchen as well as an infinity pool. It is a truly special spot for sunsets.

Villa Pipit

3 bedrooms | 2-6 people | Volcano & sea view | Sunrise & sunset view

At Villa Pipit, you can enjoy the panorama of the Barat National Park and the volcanoes of Java from your very own gazebo in the garden. For a sea view, just head to the lounge which faces the Bali Sea and feel the cooling sea breeze! Enjoy your time in the pool or sleep till late in the comfy bedrooms

Villa Bidadari

3 bedrooms | 2-8 people | Sea view | Sunrise view

Villa Bidadari has 3 bedrooms, making it ideal for a large family or a group of friends. Enjoy gazing at the stars from the garden or curling up with your loved ones in the open lounge or rooftop gazebo, bonding and making merry as the dreamy vista around you changes colour.

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